BIO - kirjailija ja luennoitsija Petra Rautiainen
Petra Rautiainen


If you are reading this you have landed on my HOMEPAGE! Welcome, so nice that you are here and reading this: These are brand new and I am very excited about it. At the moment we are living the second year od Covid -19 pandemia  March 2021. Last year, 2020, was the saddest year of all time to many people. For many of us the bad is yet to come – it is unknown how societies can keep on going with the problems that pandemia gave and is going to give us. 


Nevertheless last year, the Covid-year – was the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE and 2021 is going on strong. Last year was the year my debut novel was published by the biggest publisher of Finland. Writing a novel has always been my biggest dream – but never thought it could be part of my life. One reason is my dyslexia – the thought of that I can not write accurately. But one day – I remember that clearly  it was a snowy day just like this one – I decided to try. In my life I have seen so many people doing things they don’t want to do and I didn’t want to be that kind of person. It was the most important decision of my life. Everything changed after that. I applied to the most famous writing school in Finland  and got in. In 2 years I had a publishing contract in my hands and after one year of that I had my first novel, Land of Snow and Ashes in my hands. 


That was the first time I ever  wrote anything from the beginning to the very last end. And I made it and I made it well. Ny novel have had very good reviews byt the main media and aboriginal/Sámi media. At he moment the book is on its fourth print run (huge thing in Finland!)  it has won one of the biggest literature prize in Finland  (Savonia Prize) and has received four literary prize nominations: Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize, the Book of the Year prize by Finnish bookstore Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, the Savonia Prize and  is nominated the Lapland Literature Prize 2021. 

The rights of the translations of this novel have been sold to 10 languages including english, french and germany.  In March 2021 Land of Snow and Ashes was selected for Books at Berlinale 2021 at the Berlinale film festival with ten high quality books which are especially well-suited to screen adaptation.


At this moment I am writing my second novel, which is also going to be published in several countries, first in Finnis 2022. Right now I am finishing one version of it and I am going to send it to my publisher and let her read it and get comments. She’s a new publishing editor and it is really exciting what she has to say about the version of my novel! So exiting! 


At this very moment when I am writing this is a sunny but really cold winter day in Finland (-20 celsius). During the day it gets so warm that the snow is melting. Just a second ago I heard a really loud sound of snow dropping from  the roof. My puppy is playing with her favourite toy and she is trying to get my attention. I am taking her in my arms and kiss and pet her. It’s ordinary afternoon.  I get another cup of coffee, it tastes good. I open my computer and  start writing.

Kisses and hugs


BIO - kirjailija ja luennoitsija Petra Rautiainen
Petra Rautiainen

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  1. Congratulations to your first book. I just read about the publishing in Germany. It sounds very interesting.
    Good kuck to you.

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